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Using Family Law Software For Successful Co-Parenting

There have been many developments in family law software to help people with their custody cases. There are various programs that are available that can help parents create custody agreements, set up custody and visitation schedules, track the time that each parent has with the children, etc. One benefit of some of the family law software is that it can assist parents who decide to try co-parenting.

Co-parenting is a type of custody agreement where the parents both try to stay involved and parent their children. This is a different approach than single parenting where one parent is left with the majority of responsibility for the children while the other parent does very little. In a co-parenting arrangement, both parents care for the children and make decisions about childcare, education, religion, and other important issues.

An obstacle that many parents have to overcome in co-parenting is creating a schedule that allows both parents to be involved with the children. Often this schedule is complex with many switches in custody throughout the month. Parents have to remember multiple pick up and drop off times as well as other important events. This can be overwhelming and confusing.

This is where a custody software program might be able to help. There is software that lets parents sit down and quickly create a custody and visitation schedule. This can save parents a lot of time because they don't have to manually go through a calendar and schedule everything in. They can sit at the computer and with a few clicks of the mouse they can have their schedule all set up. The parents then have a nice, clean calendar to hang up to remind them of all the transfers and visitation days.

Along with creating the schedule, many software programs show the time-share percentage that each parent has with the children. This is nice because then both parents know that they are getting equal time with the children.

There are also programs that let you track the visits and take notes about what happened during visits and other events. This can be a great aid in communication between the parents. Some programs also let you track expenses and other things.

It's important to find a family law software that will help you. It should be easy to use--because you have enough frustrations as it is. It should allow you to easily create things that will assist you in being successful with co-parenting.

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