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Family Law Child Custody Online Help

Why is it that the majority of Americans find ourself at one time or another in the middle of a lawsuit. Most of these lawsuits don't involve multi million dollars but something much more important our lives. Usually these lawsuits come in the form of Family Law matters. Failed marriages usually bring you to the courts at least once in your lifetime, but usually more then that. And if it isn't bad enough going through a divorce then you have to fight the ex spouse about child support, child visitation, spousal support, restraining orders, etc. I've seen people go back to court every year for ten years after a divorce. Someone wants more time with the dog, more child support, more visitation, less visitation, etc. If going back to court every year after a divorce doesn't sound bad enough, you also have to come up with thousands of dollars to hire an attorney. Only the rich have money to hire an attorney. But the truth is most people don't need an attorney for family law matters.

Do I really need an attorney?

What I know, as an attorney, that most of you don't know is that in many family law matters, once you get to court the judge sends you into mediation and the mediator will resolve all the problems for you. In fact in many jurisdictions they won't let the attorneys in the mediation and if they do they must not talk. So what you're really paying for is an attorney to wait outside for an hour or two while you go speak with the mediator. Usually the attorney is chatting with friends, working on another case, eating, drinking and just having a great time (who wouldn't be a happy camper if they're getting $ 250 an hour to eat, drink and hold hands). My point is that your case is usually resolved without an attorney's help so why are you hiring an attorney. In fact, after mediation, if you're not happy with the results then when you appear before the judge you can tell the judge you want a trial. The judge will then set your case for a trial three months down the road and then you can hire an attorney if you want. But 95 % of these family law matters are resolved in mediation. Now there are cases where you need an attorney but the majority are resolved in mediation and all you're paying for is a very expensive hand to hold. the attorney's hand. Bring your mom or best friend, they're less expensive.

I'm thinking about developing a website that can pick all the forms for you, fill them out for you and give you step by step instructions on how to handle your own case. Let's say at a cost of $ 25-30. I'm thinking the website should be able to do all of the following:


* Request a restraining order against someone who is harassing you

* Respond to a Restraining Order that's been served on you

* Determine who the father is and make him pay child support

* Respond to papers (Petition to Establish Parental Relationship) that say you are the father

* Determine if you are the father and get some visits for you

* Request custody, visits, spousal or child support for the first time (without filing for divorce)

* Respond to papers (Petition for Custody and Support) that are requesting custody or support.

* Request to modify existing orders of custody, visits or support

* Respond to papers that request a modification (Notice of Motion or Order to Show Cause)

* File for a restraining order or respond to a restraining order filed against you

Wow what a great idea. In fact maybe I've already created a website that does all this.

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