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Family Law Counsel

There are many specialties in the legal world. Here is what family law experts cover.

Attorneys often specialize in one or more legal areas and one of those specialties is family law. Some other examples include criminal, DUI, business and tax, bankruptcy and the more personal legal issues which make up the arena of family law. If a person needs legal advice in dealing with issues pertaining to their children, spouse or parents, they should seek the advice of an expert who has experience dealing with families' concerns. Here are some of the more common cases that they work on:

- Divorce: When a marriage relationship has ended, legal actions must be taken in order to divide the assets, debts, and determine parental rights. Having competent advice during this life change can make or break a person's financial and emotional world for years to come.

- Legal Separation: A legal separation is very similar to a divorce except that the parties cannot remarry. Some couples choose this over a divorce because of health insurance, retirement benefits or property division issues. The financial lives of each person will be severed but other rights and obligations such as health and retirement benefits will be retained.

- Child Custody: A legal decision must be made after dissolution of marriage occurs regarding the caretakers of the union's children. Examples include joint or shared custody, custodial and visiting parent and even rights for grandparents.

- Child Support: Regardless of who has custody of the kids, both parents are responsible for their offspring's financial support until their brood reaches 18 years of age. Support obligations that are not voluntarily adhered to by either parent will need to be enforced by the courts.

- Adoption: When a couple or individual chooses to adopt a baby or children, this is a legal process that involves protecting the best interests of all parties concerned. The process needs be monitored and overseen by a family law attorney.

- Paternity rights and obligations: Legal help is sometimes necessary in order to give a father his rights to his children even if he is not married to the mother of his kids. Paternity issues also arise when an unmarried father is not assuming financial responsibility for his offspring and must be forced to do so by the court system.

- Juvenile court issues: If there are problems concerning the law with an adolescent, the legal system may step in to help alleviate or correct the problems.

- Foster care: When a child enters the foster care system, he or she will need the expert oversight and advice of a lawyer to make certain that the child is placed with a qualified foster family and that financial needs are taken care of.

Individuals and their relatives who need legal representation should go to the professionals. All of the above needs can be competently addressed by a good firm.

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