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10 Reasons to Hire a Family Law Solicitor When Going Through a Break-Up

Any type of relationship break-up can be traumatic, but where it was based on a long-term commitment - such as a marriage, civil partnership or the so-called common law relationship - it can be an especially difficult time. Here are 10 reasons why using a family law solicitor could be extremely helpful.

1. First and foremost, it's their job to help. Any questions, problems or legal confusion that you are facing can be dealt with quickly to ensure you are fully aware of the process you are facing.

2. Knowing what is going to happen can be allow you to plan for the future and make the moving forward process a lot easier to make. You can start to think about timelines and when you can expect to be embarking on a new chapter in your life.

3. The type of relationship you were in could have an impact on your rights and the process you're about to embark on. Whether you're married, in a committed domestic relationship or a civil partnership, it will be important to know what to expect.

4. If you and your former partner owned property together, a family law solicitor will make sure your rights are upheld. If one of you was paying the mortgage on a property prior to you co-habiting and the other subsequently joined that mortgage, you may have concerns regarding who is entitled to what. There may also be issues to resolve if one of you wishes to continue living in the property but cannot afford to buy the other person out. All of these problems will require a legal expert to sort out.

5. A family law solicitor will also be invaluable when it comes to understanding who is entitled to what when it comes to assets - both financial and possessions. To have someone in your corner, looking after your rights, will be very important.

6. If you and your former partner have children together and either you can't agree amicably over custody or you just wish to make sure things are official, a family law solicitor will help you.

7. You may also require legal support to sort out child support payments and make sure a fair amount is being provided.

8. While a new marriage can make an old Will null and void, the end of a marriage does not. In the event of your death, your former partner may still be entitled to your assets. If the end of the relationship means you no longer wish for this to be the case, a family law solicitor may be needed to help you create a new Will.

9. If the relationship is coming to an because you are the victim of domestic abuse, you may have concerns about making a clean break and the possibility of starting a new life away from your abuser. A solicitor can help this to become a reality, so it's important to get their support and advice.

10. One of the main advantages of a family law solicitor is that they will help the process go as quickly as possible. They can ensure that problems are ironed out efficiently, so that you can get on with your new life as soon as possible.

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