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Nine Ways to Communicate With Your Family Law Attorney in 2009

9. Call your attorney, but not every day.

8. Communicate with your attorney by e-mail, but don't abuse it.

7. Of course you can communicate with your attorney by fax.

6. Communicate by snail-mail. Bear in mind that this is a good way to communicate if there are several issues to be raised, but it is also a slow way to do so.

5. In communicating with your attorney, to save time and money, keep track of issues and raise several issues or questions at once, rather than calling or e-mailing on a daily basis with every issue.

4. Make sure that your communications are responded to. Whether they are phone calls, e-mails, letters, or faxes, you deserve a response.

3. If you have questions or issues, don't be bashful. Remember that your attorney is working for you. If you have a concern about an issue in your case, raise it. Communication is a two-way street, and it is important to communicate. You deserve answers. You deserve to know what is going on. You deserve to know what strategies are being raised. If there are issues that you have questions about, you deserve answers. They should all be in a timely fashion. There was once a study done with regard to phone calls and messages, and when a client reasonably expected a return call. The possible answers were: immediately, within two hours, within four hours, by the end of the day, within 24 hours, or whenever. The correct response was within three hours.

2. Trust is important. Having confidence in your attorney is important. Through communication and feeling that your attorney has your best interests at heart, this trust needs to be established. It is important to feel that you are not just a number, but are very important to your attorney because what you are going through in a divorce, child custody, or other family law related matter, is one of the most important situations in your life.

1. Meet with your attorney. Face to face communication is critical. At the initial consultation, this is how you establish a rapport. This is how you decide whether or not you are going to retain a particular attorney. Don't hesitate to ask questions. Don't hesitate to take notes. Make sure that before you retain an attorney, that this is the person who you will entrust one of the most important times in your life to. Don't hesitate to have regular meetings so that you can make sure that you are both on the same wavelength, and are doing things and working together. You and your attorney are part of a team, and this is important.

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